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Lila-Mae White, MBA, CHE, PMP


Welcome 2023!

Posted 12/31/2022

Welcome 2023!

In all honesty that may be a more exuberant greeting to the New Year than I am actually feeling. Perhaps just a nod of the head to acknowledge 2022 and 2023 passing at midnight is more in order. To be clear I am not feeling pessimistic about the year ahead – in fact there are several things I am looking forward to in the coming months and I recognize every day the great blessings in my life even on the hardest of days. But still there is a sense of flat. Flatness comes not from my life but from watching people throughout the world and here at home struggle with so many hard hard things and also watching people I love also struggle. Watching someone you love struggle or suffer is far harder than to endure a hardship yourself. To watch and know there is nothing you can do dampens your own spirits. The countermeasure to my flatness is to choose a “Word of the Year” that speaks into the possibility of 2023 exceeding my current assessment.

My 2023 Word of the Year is FLOURISH! Flourish is defined as (of a person, animal, or other living organism) grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment. This is what I want for myself, my loved ones, my community and the world.

Succeed – Thrive – Grow – Prosper – Blossom

So I say to you 2023 – Bring it!

Happy New Year!