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Lila-Mae White, MBA, CHE, PMP


A noun and a verb

Posted 10/29/2020

“Plans alone are nothing; planning is everything.”     Nirmal Kandel

In all honesty I have never stopped to consider the difference between plans and planning. In my day job my focus is on pandemic response. In that realm the distinction between the two is paramount and is the difference between a binder collecting dust on the shelf and the execution of complex operational changes/adjustments to meet needs on short notice.

By nature I lean towards lists, organization and plans but I have recently learned that I only gravitate this way if I know this work is useful and makes a difference. If I get a sense the plan is only being completed as a checkmark on a to do list, then I disengage quickly. If I get a sense that the plan I am working on is going to be read, studied, used as it continues morphing as a living document then I am all in.

I am very grateful my current role has both plans and planning in it.