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Lila-Mae White, MBA, CHE, PMP


Looking in the Value Mirror

Posted 11/5/2020

I believe I am clear about my values, someone who has pulled out and examined issues and my position on them. However, having an old-soul-near-teen has altered that perception of myself.



Of course, there are the run of the mill everyday opportunities to articulate your values:

  • why it is important to be on time
  • how we choose to spend or save money
  • why we live into commitments we make

Add a provincial election:

  • What does each party stand for?
  • Do you vote for the party or the local representative?

And of course, the events in the US:

  • What women’s rights are at stake?
  • How do you discern fact from fiction in politics?
  • How does a political agenda and technology shape the narrative and what you see in your news feed?

Having these deep and meaningful conversations with the Toad are really special moments – ones which shape us both.