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Lila-Mae White, MBA, CHE, PMP


Keep It Simple

Posted 11/12/2020

"Take a simple idea and take it seriously." —Charlie Munger

The are aisles of books about leadership at the bookstore or library. Many have headlines like – “How to be a Great leader in 5 Easy Steps” or “Leadership is as Easy as 1-2-3!” Of course, leadership is rarely easy and is not a destination but rather a journey with you, your teams and your context all playing into the leadership outcomes.

What if you did focus on one simple change in your leadership and took it seriously? What simple improvement idea would you look to – active listening, recognition/praise, or taking a coaching approach? What if for 10 days you diligently utilized this one simple idea? Approach this leadership experiment like a scientist – form a hypothesis of the outcome, be curious and study the impacts. After the 10 days evaluate the results. Maybe even try a second experiment to build on the first – see what happens – what have you got to lose?