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Lila-Mae White, MBA, CHE, PMP


Consumed by the pandemic - almost

Posted 7/5/2021

It has been 17 months since I posted as Tree Toad. That is unbelievable to me – that time flew past while at the same time creeping forward. As you have guessed by the title of this post the pandemic is to blame for sideline my side hustle… well sort of. Thankfully, I have not been ill through the pandemic but rather, my day job became all about pandemic planning, response, and immunization.

The COVID-19 ride in healthcare these last 18 months has been fast and furious. There have been long days and sleepless nights. I am not in direct patient care. I cannot imagine how exponentially more difficult that has been for my colleagues and friends.

My work through the pandemic has had a few different focuses but the speed, volume, and fluidity of the work left very little room (or energy) for thinking, writing or mining for new opportunities. I am still completely immersed in pandemic work and now we have the added complexity of wildfire response, but I am hopeful that I can start to carve some space and time for Tree Toad work.

Thank you to Tree Toad’s regular clients who remained stable and consistent through the last 17 months and allowed me flexibility with deadlines as I shifted to meet everchanging needs.