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Lila-Mae White, MBA, CHE, PMP


What am I missing?

Posted 2/18/2023

I was listening to one of Simon Sinek’s podcasts this week and he mentioned that when you used to get your news and updates from newspapers or magazines you would cruise through the headlines and read in detail what caught your eye. In today’s world most of your information is curated through the mysterious algorithm of the internet. It is so obvious and yet so subtle you can easily be lulled into not seeking that other perspective or topics mysterious and unknown to  you – yet. Of course, I have my favourite go to topics – mostly health, finance, business, and science – I wonder what I am missing and how I can curate more curiosity in my newsfeeds.

The Toad and I had a conversation about curated new feeds this week as well. He has started to contemplate future education and career choices. I researched and subscribed/followed some of the companies and leaders in the fields he is looking at, and I am now sharing with him news from that newly curated feed. I am grateful his differing interests and fresh eyes on the world help me to expand my learning and my world view.